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Sciences Po is a research university in the social sciences internationally recognized for the quality of its scientific output. Developed with a strong focus on society, research conducted at Sciences Po enriches public debate. Here, we are pleased to present a selection of insights into European affairs from Sciences Po experts in their fields.

Sciences Po ranks 3rd in the 2023 Rankings for Politics & International Studies

For the fifth year,  Sciences Po is among the top three international universities in the Politics category, according to the 2023 QS Rankings by discipline. Thus, Sciences Po remains the leading university in the European Union in this discipline, a position it has now occupied for 8 years.

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Research at Sciences Po

Sciences Po is an institution of higher education and research in the humanities and social sciences. Its work in law, economics, history, political science and sociology is pursued through eleven research units and several crosscutting programmes.

Its research community includes over two hundred thirty members and three hundred fifty PhD candidates.