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Name a seat in Sciences Po’s iconic lecture hall

The Émile Boutmy lecture hall is Sciences Po’s historic lecture hall and is central to the institution, from the everyday to the great moments in its history. All Sciences Po students have had lectures and memorable moments there, and some even have a favorite seat.

Now Sciences Po is giving you, as a former student, the chance to reclaim your spot in the lecture hall by having your name displayed on the back of a seat for a period of 10 or 99 years. Do you have a friend or relative who also studied at Sciences Po? You might like to reserve two neighboring seats. For larger groups—alumni associations or alumni of the same graduating class, for example—it is possible to reserve several neighboring seats or even a whole row.

Whether or not you studied at Sciences Po, you can also choose to name a seat for a person who is dear to you and who did attend the university: a parent, child, friend, teacher, historical figure, etc.

The plaques are placed on the backs of the seats. They are engraved with the person’s full name and graduation year.

Choose your donation level

To name a seat, you just need to make a donation. The amount required depends on:

  • your seat’s location in the lecture hall: four categories are available. See the seating plan
  • the naming duration: you can name your seat for 10 years or for 99 years.

If you live in France, your donation is tax deductible (up to 66% from income tax and 75% from real estate wealth tax).

If  you live outside of France,  you also benefit from tax advantages. Please contact us.

CategoryPlaque displayed for 10 yearsPlaque displayed for 99 years


€ 8,000

€ 15,000


€ 5,000

€ 10,000


€ 3,500

€ 7,500


€ 1,500

€ 5,000


How to reserve

Click here to choose your seat

Your contribution will help support our social policy in favor of students, their health and their well-being. 

  • Financial aids to allow all students to focus on their studies
  • Health center on each campus to support students well-being that include doctors, nurses, psychologists.
  • New plan to address sexual and gender-based violence

Thanks for your support.

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