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Club 150

Launched in 2023, Club 150 brings together the Sciences Po Alumni community (inc. exchange students) and offers unique access to transatlantic communities and events (including intellectual forums, affinity groups, and an exclusive alumni network).

Club 150 serves to strengthen the sense of community among Sciences Po’s dynamic Alumni base in the U.S. Through elevated events, we aim to open the door for Alumni to engage in the cultural and intellectual pursuits that distinguish the lifelong Sciences Po experience. Our goal is to offer a space for Alumni to network, mobilize our community to further expand Sciences Po's American presence, and amplify transatlantic collaboration.

With growing communities in New York and Washington D.C., we are happy to present a robust annual event program. We have more exciting plans for 2024- our tentative nationwide event schedule is available here.

Donations to join Club 150 (minimum of $250 per calendar year) support the Sciences Po American Foundation's mission to engage the Alumni community in the US, support the US Scholarship Fund and the Sciences Po Transatlantic Research Fund, and strengthen transatlantic ties between the US and France.

Alumni interested in joining Club 150 should contact us at onefifty@usscpo.org.