21 September 2023
California Law Eliminates Spousal Rape Exemption—But “Patriarchy Still Dies Hard” (Phiend / Flickr)

Restorative Justice in Ordinary Rape Cases

Alexane Guérin, a PhD student in political theory at Sciences Po’s School of Research and the Center for International Research (CERI) was recently awarded a […]
21 July 2023

Child Support: Why Isn’t it More Common and Significant in France?

by Émilie Biland-Curinier Child Support, a Major Root of Gender Inequality After Parental Separation Marital separations increase economic inequality between women and men. This observation […]
13 June 2022

Wage Inequality: the Price of Motherhood

We know that the gender gap in the workplace widens when women become mothers, but some aspects of this inequality have been understudied, particularly the […]
12 February 2022

Linking Gender and Climate

Why look at the links between gender and climate? What are the links between gender systems and climate change in the policies of international development […]
8 July 2021

Curricula and Jobs: Understanding Gender Segregation

By Carlo Barone, Observatoire sociologique du changement Women now outperform men in education: their rates of upper secondary and tertiary attainment are significantly higher in […]
18 May 2020

Cogito 10 – Dossier “Gender Equality”

It is not the current health crisis that is making us realise the precariousness of women and domestic violence. These problems – like so many […]
18 May 2020

Is Gender Equality Possible in the 21st Century?

by Hélène Périvier, OFCE, head of PRESAGE* We are experiencing an unprecedented health crisis. In the immediate term, we are in a health emergency phase. […]
18 May 2020
Boris Kollar, candidat de Sme Rodina (Nous sommes une famille) lors des élections présidentielles en Croatie, janvier 2020. Source : Instagram-Sme-rodina

Gender and “Illiberal” Democracies: Towards a New European Divide?

By Maxime Forest, OFCE, PRESAGE* On February 21st, Le Monde published an article titled “Gender wars declared in Eastern Europe”. A few days later, The […]
18 May 2020

Competing Perspectives on Climate Change and Gender

by Helena Alviar Garcia, Law School* Do environmental depredation and climate change affect women differently from men? This question has been asked by feminists and […]