Research Track in Political Science

An innovative collaborative program, the Research Track in Political Science is a new thematic concentration in partnership between PSIA and the Department of Political Science at Sciences Po's Doctoral School. This track is an exceptional opportunity for all PSIA students who are planning for a career in academia and research.

The Research Track allows students to adapt their studies at PSIA accordingly:

  • Students will be offered 7 courses in their core Master curriculum instead of 9 (2 in semester 1; 2 in semester 2 and 3 in Semester 4).
  • Students will be required to select their first concentration from the regional concentrations offered at PSIA. They will lead their research field for their Master thesis in this region. Their second concentration will be the “Research Track in Political Science”.
  • The Research Track in Political Science will consist of taking a total of 5 courses with the Master in Comparative Politics of the Doctoral School of Sciences Po, 4 of them to be chosen among the Fundamentals and the electives of the program, upon agreement of their supervisor, and 1 compulsory course in Methods. In addition, they will follow the regular "Atelier de recherche".
  • Students will be supervised by a professor from the Doctoral School of Sciences Po as soon as Semester 1 until the end of their Master program. During their third semester, students must opt for the Master thesis option at PSIA.  They will be required to run a field research in their region of interest. 
  • All requirements regarding the Sciences Po Common Core Curriculum, Skills and languages remain the same. 

Admission to the concentration “Research Track in Political Science” is subject to a selection by a joint commission between PSIA and the Doctoral School.

Please note that previous background in Social Sciences and in Research will be valued. Also, students must already have knowledge of the region they want to study, and be proficient in the language they will need for their field research. Students in this Track must have a sufficient level of French to be able to take courses at the Doctoral School in French, although the Master thesis can be written in English.

Students interested in applying for this selected concentration should send the following elements, in English, before May 31, 2018, to their prospective Academic Advisor at PSIA. Please put “Application for Research Track in Political Science” in the subject line.

 * For all applicants:

  • The letter of admission to a Master of PSIA at Sciences Po, or the number of application proving the undergoing process.
  • CV in English
  • A presentation of your research project (2000 words) illustrating your capacity to articulate a research design and your background in your field of interest.
  • A cover letter in English of 1000 words (indicating their interest in the region) addressed to the members of the joint selection committee
  • A release form stating : RELEASE FORM. I, ………………………... , hereby agree that the documents submitted for my application to Sciences Po admissions for the academic year 2018-2019 will be communicated to the joint selection committee for the purpose of my application to the Research Track in Political Science of PSIA, in collaboration with the Department of Political Science. Date: ………………………….. Signed: ……………………….
  • A certificate of your level of proficiency in French

* For applicants coming from Sciences Po’s Undergraduate College ONLY

In addition to the CV; research project and cover letter as described above, please also provide:

  • Copy of the official academic transcripts for the entire length of your time in higher education (including periods spent abroad on exchange programs).
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