PSIA and the Paris Peace Forum

PSIA played an active role in the proceedings of the Paris Peace Forum, which took place in Paris from 11 to 13 November 2018 and gathered more than 80 Heads of States and Governments and 119 global governance projects. 100 students volunteered over the 3 days, which represented close to 40 nationalities and 30 languages. 90 additional students were invited to a Master Class on Sunday. Some other students were active participants of the Forum, as 4 were selected to participate in the Hackathon (working on the topic of financial data transparency) and 5 to speak on panels.

Faculty members also took part in the event. The Dean of PSIA, Enrico Letta, moderated the “Dialogue of International Organizations on Global Governance”, a VIP panel on Sunday with the heads of several international organizations (IMF, OECD, UNESCO…) and also participated in the panel “The Long Road towards a Comprehensive Approach to International Migration” as a guest speaker on Tuesday morning. PSIA faculty Bruno Stagno Ugarte took part in the panel “Sober Celebrations for UN Declaration on Human Rights.”

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