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PSIA and the Paris Peace Forum team are currently seeking student volunteers to support the second edition of the Paris Peace Forum, to be held at La Grande Halle de La Villette on 11, 12 and 13 November 2019.

The Paris Peace Forum is an international event focused on reviving and improving global governance.

It was launched by French President Emmanuel Macron in 2018 to promote collective action on today’s most pressing global issues. Conceived as a response to rising tensions ant the deterioration of the multilateral system, the Forum is based on a simple idea: cooperative solutions are key to tackling global problems and to ensuring durable peace.

Last year’s inaugural session convened 65 Heads of State and Government and 10 Heads of international organizations, officials from over 100 countries, CEOs from major companies, NGOs, foundations, think tanks, trade unions, religious leaders, and philanthropists - all united in reaffirming this message.

Crafted to be a meeting place to foster concrete governance solutions, the Forum selects 120 projects from all over the world each year to be showcased and boosted through their participation in the Forum – and, for ten of them, through year-long support from the Scale-up committee set up by the Forum.

For further information, you can visit the Paris Peace Forum website.

PSIA Volunteer Program 

The PSIA Volunteer Program offers PSIA students the unique opportunity to contribute and to experience first-hand this high-profile global event. In 2018, 100 PSIA students volunteered for the first edition of the Paris Peace Forum, playing a key role in the smooth running and overall success of the event. If you want to know more about our student volunteers’ experience at the Forum last year, you can check out the following video

With the second edition of the Forum only a few months away, we are currently looking for more than 120 volunteers to support the Paris Peace Forum team under five different positions (Note-takers, Official Delegation Greeters, General Greeters, Project Leader Greeters and PeaceGame Greeters). 

As a PSIA Volunteer to the Paris Peace Forum, you will not only have access to the Forum venue throughout the event, but you will also:

  • Get first-hand experience in the preparation and running of a major international event;

  • Get the unique opportunity to interact closely with world decision-makers, project leaders, official delegations, high-level guests, and other Forum participants;

  • Attend the Forum’s high-profile debates and dynamic discussions on global governance and innovative governance solutions;

  • Get the chance to expand your professional network and to strengthen your CV!

We are looking forward to receiving your application and to see you at the Paris Peace Forum!


Applications are open to all PSIA students interested in acquiring hands-on experience in a major international event. In order to participate, you must be currently enrolled in a PSIA program (including dual degree and exchange students), and:

    • Be enthusiastic and highly motivated;
    • Be fluent both in English and French, the official languages of the Forum (volunteers should have, at least, an intermediate level of French – B2 minimum). Proficiency in other languages is welcome;
    • Be punctual, reliable and organized.

Special efforts will be made to ensure geographical representativity and gender balance.

Last year, we received over 240 applications from PSIA students to participate as volunteers at the Paris Peace Forum. Because the number of positions available is limited, students will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Availability
    Note that we will prioritize students who will be available for the entire duration of the event (3 full days between the 11th and 13th of November, in addition to the general training session and the on-site briefing session). Generally speaking, applicants must be available for at least 1 full day between the 11th and 13th of November – in addition to the general training session and the on-site briefing session (for more detailed information on the minimum availability requirements for each volunteer position, check the “Job Assignments for Volunteers” link below).

    Further details on the volunteer shift schedule will be given at the general training session, which shall take place on Wednesday 6 November, from 7:15pm to 9:15pm at Sciences Po (Amphithéâtre Emile Boutmy, 27 rue Saint-Guillaume). The on-site briefing session will take place before the launch of the event at La Grande Halle de La Villette, in the afternoon (time to be confirmed).

    Course attendance: Absences from PSIA courses will be justified for all students selected as volunteers for the Paris Peace Forum. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that Article 5 on Student Default of Sciences Po's Academic Rules and Regulations will still apply – (justified) absences during the Paris Peace Forum will count towards the two absences per course that are allowed for in accordance to such Rules and Regulations.

  2. Spoken languages
    The official languages of the event are English and French. In order to operate effectively in a French-speaking environment, volunteers should have at least an intermediate level of French (B2 minimum). Proficiency in other languages will be welcomed.

  3. Motivation
    We will give priority to students who are highly motivated and able to show their enthusiasm on their application!

  4. Prior work/volunteer experience in similar positions
    Any previous experience in a similar position will be taken into account at the moment of selecting the volunteers.

Due to the high-profile nature of the event, all volunteers will require a security clearance by the Paris Police Prefecture (Préfecture de Police de Paris), which will allow them to receive a badge and to access the event venue. Thus, the participation of selected students will be contingent upon successfully obtaining said security clearance.

Available Volunteer Positions 

You will be asked to state your preference (1-5) on the online application form. You may apply to as many positions as you wish, though you may only be selected for one specific role. Official Delegation Greeters, Note-takers and PeaceGame Greeters may be assigned other (additional) tasks (e.g. ODGs may be requested to work a GG or NT shift before/after their ODG shift).

Selected students will assist the Paris Peace Forum team on a range of different tasks, covering different aspects of the organization and running of the event. Available job assignments for PSIA student volunteers include, among other tasks: assisting to the Forum’s debates and discussions for notetaking; helping and directing Forum participants in and around the event venue, including official delegations; assisting the operation of the registration and information desks; contributing to the management of the cloakroom; escorting speakers and helping with room seating; assisting project leaders and introducing project pitches; and contributing to the overall smooth running of the Forum.

The Paris Peace Forum team reserves the right to assign and re-assign roles and tasks in accordance to the event’s needs. Additional and/or more specific tasks may be assigned later on, in accordance with the students’ roles and skills. Student volunteers will be supervised by a member of the Paris Peace Forum team for the entire duration of their participation at the event.

Please note that these are non-paid volunteer positions. Free lunch and refreshments will be provided during assigned breaks. PSIA volunteers are responsible for their own transport arrangements and accommodation. The dress code will be formal.

Volunteers will be preliminarily distributed in shifts of 5 to 7 hours each. Shift times may slightly change depending on the number of volunteers and/or the needs of the event. During their free time, volunteers will be able to attend the different activities of the Forum.

Application Process

If you wish to apply to the PPF-PSIA Volunteer Program, please fill out the following online application form and submit it no later than Sunday 22 September 2019, 23:59 (Paris time). 

No interviews will be conducted during the volunteer selection process.

All applications will be jointly reviewed by both PSIA and the Paris Peace Forum team. The results of the selection process will be announced to all applicants by Friday, 11 October 2019 – a full 30 days before the event. A waiting list will also be drawn up upon applications received before the application deadline, but not initially selected. 

By completing and submitting the online application form, you acknowledge and consent to the processing of your personal data by the Paris Peace Forum team, the PSIA Events team and, if selected as a volunteer, by the Paris Police Prefecture (Préfecture de Police de Paris).

Contact Information

If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties with your online application, please contact us at the following email address:, with on CC. Don’t forget to indicate “Paris Peace Forum – Volunteer Program 2019” on the email subject line.

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