Rosemary-Ann Byrne


R. Byrne (B.A. Columbia, 1986, J.D. Harvard, 1992) is an Associate Professor of International Law at Trinity College Dublin and a Visiting Professor at the China-EU School of Law, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing.  She currently is the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and has served a five-year term as a Human Rights Commissioner for the Irish Human Rights Commission, which is the national human rights institution established in the aftermath of the Good Friday Agreement.

Professor Byrne’s research focuses on both international criminal law and refugee law. She was the founding director of the Centre for Post-Conflict Justice at Trinity College Dublin, and throughout her career she has worked with a range of international and Irish non-governmental organizations.



Recent publications include: 

R. Byrne and G. Noll, ‘International Criminal Justice, the Gotovina Judgment and the Making of Refugees’, in Gammeltoft-Hansen et al. eds., Protecting the Rights of Others (Djøf, 2013) pp. 467-487.

R. Byrne, 'Drawing the missing map: What socio-legal research can offer to international criminal trial practice' 26 Leiden Journal of International Law 4 (2013) pp. 991-1007. 

R. Byrne, ‘Globalizing Legal Process in the Struggle to Counter Impunity Efficiently’ in L. Brennan, ed., Enacting Globalization: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on International Integration, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), ch. 10.

R. Byrne, “The New Public International Lawyer and the Hidden Art of International Trial Practice” 25 Connecticut Journal of International Law (2010) pp.243-305.

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