Margulies Johann

Master: Environmental Sciences and Policy

Concentrations: Project Management

The place(s) I call home


Prior to PSIA I was

an engineer! I completed a bachelor of physics in Paris and I received a master of civil engineering and a master of nuclear engineering in France and in the USA (Georgia Institute of Technology)

My life at PSIA

As an engineer, I felt completely disconnected from people. Conducting energy-related projects, I only focused on the technical side, and I had the feeling I was forgetting the stakeholders - i.e. the people this energy was supposed to be for. I decided I wanted to understand the other sides of the energy- sustainable development field. I wanted to combine my technical expertise to a new expertise that Sciences Po could give me: international law, world politics, international economics, international economics and politics of energy, climate policies, energy policies and other skills like project management. My most inspiring class so far has been Ghassam Salamé's World Politics course I co-organized a conference called "carbon tax, environment, and competitivity of European firms". It was definitely a thrilling experience for we got to meet a lot of experts, economists and politicians involved in this controversial tax. Learning how to work with teammates from different backgrounds than yours was definitely a challenging experience. Another memorable event at PSIA was the conference held by Kofi Annan. I couldn't just believe we had the chance to meet such a famous and inspiring international person, that I spent the whole conference taking notes to be sure I wouldn't be missing a word of his speech!

My objectives

I'd like to have a first experience in the energy consultancy field to get to know different situations, different stake holders in various sectors and in order to brush up as many skills as possible. In the medium term, I wish I could have an experience in an international organization in the energy sector. I am particularly interested in the economic policy to tackle biodiversity, energy and climate change issues. I am also very interested in the public-private partnership approach and in the public policy impact analysis.

My best tips

Just open your eyes, and among everything that PSIA proposes, you'll find it!

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