Jules Maroto

Master: International Security

Concentrations: Middle Eastern Studies

Prior to PSIA I was

In Cairo, Egypt, from September 2009 to June 2010, learning Arabic on a daily basis in an intensive language course at the Département d’Enseignement de l’Arabe Contemporain (DEAC)

My life at PSIA

I chose my master program because I was looking for a very practical and professional course of study which would prepare me for my professional life with as many skills as possible. In my opinion, my time here has been so far a rewarding mix of academic and practical studies which give me a very astute understanding of world politics. This is exactly what I expected to find in Sciences-Po and actually made it my first choice in all my graduate school applications.

My most inspiring class so far has been ‘Management de Projet de Développement”  with Mr Thierry Brun, a former World Bank manager, and represents exactly what I expected from the PSIA. In few words, other students and I study different cases of development projects with direct insights into practical issues that could happen during this process, such as corruption or coordination problems.

What makes PSIA truly unique is its location in the centre of Paris which gives students the opportunity to attend various conferences every week with some very prestigious figures of world politics, but also world class academics.

My objectives

I am particularly interested in the study of violence in politics as well as its causes and consequences. Moreover my main area of study refers to the relations between Islam and Politics and the impact of its different components in current world affairs.

My life outside PSIA

I particularly enjoyed working in Sénégal in a local health centre, it was a strong experience which made me aware that I was made to work in this kind of context later on, namely in the field.

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