Jonathan Bowman Clarke

Master: Environmental Sciences and Policy

Concentrations: Project Management

The place(s) I call home

London (UK) and Monaco

Prior to PSIA I was

just another student, with a bachelor's degree and an enriching gap year under his belt. Now, thanks to PSIA, I am a better student/future professional, and more well-rounded human being and I can almost solve all of the world's problems (as well as walk on water).

My life at PSIA

I have two memorable events at PSIA. On the one hand, the first two weeks at PSIA were a joyful experience. Gazing in wonder at Paris at night, strolling in the parks and between Sciences-Po buildings in the daytime, but foremost, getting to meet the most wonderful, eclectic, interesting, brilliant and exciting students I have had the pleasure to study and interact with. On the other hand, Kofi Annan's lecture was excellent. One pick amongst the many great names that I was able to listen speak. This one in particular because of his background, experience and great sense of humour. The best part of PSIA was to allow me to grow up professionally by letting me out in the open, through the time between the third and fourth semesters during which I was able to gain an immense amount of work experience (7-month internship).

My objectives

My future career objectives are to be the source of positive change around me and find a job that will enable that as well as provide for a good life

My best tips

Be creative, think outside the box and follow your instinct

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