Jean Baptiste Jeangene Vilmer

Dr Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer is the director of the Institute for Strategic Studies (IRSEM, French Ministry for Armed Forces) since June 2016. Previously, he was a policy adviser on security issues at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Policy Planning Staff (2013-2016); a Banting postoctoral fellow at McGill University's Faculty of Law (2011-2013); a Lecturer in international relations at the Department of War Studies of King's College London (2010-2011); a postdoctoral fellow at the Ecole Normale Supérieure Ulm (2010); a postgraduate fellow of the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale University (2008-2009); and an attaché at the French embassy in Turkmenistan (2007-2008).

Holding degrees in three different disciplines, philosophy (BA, MA, PhD), law (LLB, LLM), and political science (PhD), he conducts interdisciplinary research on the theory and ethics of international relations and on international public law. In particular, he studies the ethics and laws of war, international humanitarian law, and international criminal law. A member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law in Sanremo (IIHL), and of the Academic Advisory Board of NATO Defense College in Rome, he is also teaching in military institutions.

The author of more than 15 books including Pas de paix sans justice ? Le dilemme de la paix et de la justice en sortie de conflit armé (Presses de Sciences Po, 2011), Ethique des relations internationales (PUF, 2013), Erythrée, un naufrage totalitaire (PUF, 2015), and La Responsabilité de protéger (PUF, 2015), he won an Académie Française prize for La Guerre au nom de l'humanité. Tuer ou laisser mourir (PUF, 2012, preface by Hubert Védrine).

Last publications in English:

- "The French Turn to Armed Drones", War on the Rocks, 22 September 2017.

- "The Ten Main Defense Challenges Facing Macron's France", War on the Rocks, 10 May 2017.

- "The African Union and the International Criminal Court: counteracting the crisis", International Affairs, 92:6, 2016, 1319-1342.

- "Ten Myths About the 2011 Intervention in Libya", The Washington Quarterly, 39:2, 2016, 23-43.


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