Grand Oral

The Grand Oral is a degree requirement for all 2-year Master students at Sciences Po. Dual-degree students do not take the Grand Oral.

The general rules and guidelines of the Grand Oral of Sciences Po apply to all students across the schools of Sciences Po. 

The specificities of the Grand Oral that apply to PSIA students will be based on the student’s third semester experience be it an internship, a master’s thesis or a study abroad.

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For those who have completed an internship or a study-abroad semester

To fulfil the requirements for the Grand Oral examination you need to:

  • Choose a topic that you can relate to your 3rd semester or gap year internship or semester abroad from a list of topics to all students and choose the language of your examination (English or French).
  • Prepare a short written executive summary report (800 words in English or French) related to your topic and experience.
  • Give an oral presentation based on your executive summary on the day of your examination (in English or French) on Zoom.

Your presentation and the subsequent discussion will enable you to display the value of your professional experience, how you have gained maturity in your view of this topic whilst tapping into the breadth of your academic path at Sciences Po.

For those who have been written and will defend a Master's thesis

The subject of the Grand Oral will be the topic of the Master's thesis, which has been validated by the supervisor and the Academic Advisor. The thesis defence will thus as such constitute both the validation of the Master's thesis as well as the requirements for the Grand Oral. 

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