Gender Studies Concentration

The Gender Studies concentration at PSIA supports Sciences Po’s wider strategy about gender studies. It also responds to PSIA students’ increased demand for gender-related courses by building on and reinforcing PSIA’s current offer. Finally, it enables more PSIA students to pursue PRESAGE’s Advanced Certification in Gender Studies.

Interdisciplinary in its formation, scholarly focus and practice, the Gender Studies concentration exposes students to the way gender intersects with a variety of spheres of knowledge and power relations. It enables students to carry out theoretically grounded, gender-informed research, analysis and design – skills they will be able to leverage within their professional careers. 

The Gender Studies concentration also gives students the opportunity to focus on gender in their particular disciplinary field: after taking the fundamental course, Gender, a Global perspective, offered during the first semester, students are then free to select two other gender-related courses drawn from the wider PSIA curriculum. 

For students who have already taken a course similar to the fundamental course in previous studies, a waiver can be requested by filling out this form and providing all required documents (syllabus, transcripts). If the waiver is approved, students will be able to take another gender-related course in semester 1 as indicated on the course Thematic Concentrations course offerings for Fall courses – Semester 1.

The diversity of courses offered within the Gender Studies concentration program can be found on the Thematic Concentrations course offerings.

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