Emerging Economies Concentration

Building upon PSIA’s stand-alone master’s programs such as International Development and International Economic Policy, among others, as well as the regional concentrations, the Emerging Economies concentration offers a comprehensive understanding of the experience and challenges proper to emerging economies. Hence, the scope of these courses is larger than just ‘Emerging Markets’: a term that typically suggests a priority to financial investments and private portfolio strategies. But this scope does not extend to the broader notion of ‘Emerging Countries.’ Domestic political institutions for instance, or international politics, are not specifically addressed. Naturally,, this concentration is not solely about the BRICs: countries like Mexico, Thailand, Poland, Turkey or South Africa also interest us.

For students with a strong economic foundation, this concentration will bring primarily an “applied science” dimension. It will offer the student a better understanding of how these specific countries function; but this set of courses will also feed back on core economic teaching. Think: Economic growth, macroeconomic policies, balance of payment adjustment, etc.

The diversity of courses offered within the Emerging Economies concentration program can be found on the Thematic Concentration course offerings.

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