Elena-Loredana Ocenic

Master: International Economic Policy

Concentrations: International Energy, Global Economic Policy

The place(s) I call home

Sibiu, Romania

Prior to PSIA I was

After graduating from a German high school in Sibiu, I had the unique opportunity to study in Heidelberg with a DAAD merit based scholarship. Additionally, I had the chance to absolve ten unforgettable and enriching months at Sciences Po as part of the ERASMUS program. Over the years, I have developed and completed three internships: one was in the City Hall of Sibiu (Romania) in the department of economic development and foreign relations, another in the European Parliament in Brussels. During the summer 2010 I have completed a two-month internship at the International Social Science Council, one of the official NGOs based at UNESCO, Paris.

My life at PSIA

I have always been interested in the interaction between politics and economics and I wanted to broaden my knowledge with various analytical tools used in this interdisciplinary academic field. Especially today, in a rapid globalizing world with continuously shifting balance of power, understanding the mechanisms of the current financial & economic crisis and taking the right policy decisions seems crucial to me. Last, but not least I have chosen this master program because it gives me the opportunity to study both in French and English.
My most inspiring class so far has been “Politics and Economics of International Energy”. Shortly after I was accepted for this Master program, Sciences Po announced the creation of the PSIA. I was excited to find out that I can choose “International Energy” as a minor given the fact that the topic of my Bachelor thesis was the European gas market diversification.
I was quite familiar with Sciences Po before starting my Master program because I spent an exchange year in Paris as an undergraduate student. However, PSIA is unique because of its enthusiastic, highly gifted and truly multicultural students having various academic backgrounds. In this sense, PSIA is a real melting pot. Additionally to the cultural and linguistic diversity, the incredibly high quality of their work, their high level of performance and their inspiring ideas make the PSIA students truly unique.
What I appreciate about International Economic Policy Master in particular is the fact that my colleagues are outgoing, friendly and open-minded. I simply love our discussions which take place mainly outside the classrooms. Furthermore, PSIA offered us through its various inaugural lectures the opportunity to interact directly with influential policymakers and key personalities on the international scene, like General Petraeus - to mention only one of them.

My objectives

My academic interests always have been in the field of international relations. Parallel to my studies, I am researching for the second year consequently for the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK) at the Department of Political Science at the University of Heidelberg. My research includes intrastate tensions in Europe. I am notably interested in democratization in Central and Eastern European countries, their economic development and global energy issues. I would like to work for an international organization and after gathering enough experience, I would like to return to Romania and play an active role in the development of my country.

My best tips

My key to success at PSIA… … being active on the campus helps integrating myself in the daily student’s life and getting to know both the students and the functioning of the PSIA. I think it is vital to establish contacts with my colleagues and improve my communication and interpersonal skills. My tip: be proactive, strive for excellence, improve your linguistic skills and overcome personal limitations!

My life outside PSIA

I enjoy going out with my friends and exploring fabulous Paris both by day and night. To quote Ernest Hemingway : “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." Although it seems like the PSIA students don’t have any free time, I still manage to get involved in extracurricular activities. I am currently occupying the position as one of the vice-presidents of the AAISP (International Affairs Society of Sciences Po) and therefore responsible for organizing study trips abroad for my colleagues, such as visiting NATO headquarters in Brussels.

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