Domingo Forage Marie

Master: International Security

Concentrations: Project Management, Asia

The place(s) I call home

Bulacan (Philippines)

Prior to PSIA I was

Before PSIA, my educational background was oriented by two cultures. Directly after graduating from the University of the East in Manila in 2007, I was chosen from more than 300 applicants from all over the Philippines to be part of the 34 scholars to study Mandarin and the Chinese culture for one-year at Beijing Language and Culture University. The goal is simple, yet ambitious: bring back all that we will learn from our Beijing experience to help the Philippines, notably her economy, to develop. The Philippines and China also enriched my qualifications by my professional experiences in 3 different fields – finance and business development, public administration and political cooperation, and mechanical engineering translation. But these things, of course, couldn't be as complete without PSIA.

My life at PSIA

I chose my program because the Rizal day bombings in Manila in 2000 and the 9/11 left a deep mark in me. When I saw innocent people dying, I told myself that I wanted to help make the world a better, secured place to live in. In today's world, security is an extremely important field that needs more and more people to strengthen. Thinks to PSIA I had fulfilling experiences. My internship of 7 months at Aéroports de Paris as Assistant to the North Delegate of Environment and Sustainable Development of Paris CDG where I am in charge of collaborating partnerships between the Grand Roissy and Asian airports. I already have a foundation in the oriental business culture, through this internship I get to appreciate the uniqueness of the French business culture. I learn to work with the French people and I get to understand the system more.

My objectives

I'd like serve as a bridge between Europe and Asia. In the long-term, I'd like to take part as a government negotiator for the talk with the Abu Sayyaf terrorists in Mindanao and a strategic security adviser for the Philippines. Ultimately, I'd like to be an ambassador for the Philippines. We are a developing country but I want us to be heard in the international arena. My academic interests are weapons of mass destruction, nuclear energy, Europe-Asia relations

My best tips

don't stay in your box, go out and learn people more. Lead an active school life. Also learn the system, how things function and learn your rights. Do not hesitate not to keep your ideas to your self, share them, they are more useful shared.

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