Concluding Remarks

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Concluding remarks

Lakhdar Brahimi, Elder; Chairman, Strategic Committee, PSIA, Sciences Po; former UN Under-Secretary-General and UN Special Envoy; former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Algeria; former Ambassador, Algeria  

Enrico Letta, Dean, PSIA, Sciences Po

Closing the summit and looking forward 

The honor of offering the closing remarks was placed upon “the main architect of the Youth and Leaders Summit: Mr Lakhdar Brahimi. “I would like to express my happiness and satisfaction that we have come to the conclusion of the 6th Youth and Leaders Summit. Everybody will agree that it has been a fantastic success.” He took us back to 2015, when the first edition of the summit was organized and thanked Enrico Letta for setting it up. Congratulations were also in order for the students: “The role of students in this conference has been increasing year after year and I’m confident it will continue doing so,” Brahimi exclaimed. 

Letta offered the final comments and thanked all the sponsors, contributors, and emphasized the involvement of the students (whose names were featured in a short thank you video). He also explained how the Covid-19 pandemic required the team to reinvent the summit a bit, it was still a huge success. “Like Lakhdar said, the bar is very high for next year, but I ask you immediately to start thinking about the topic for next year.” 


(c) An article written by Meike Eijsberg, PSIA student in the Master in International Public Management, 2021


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