Chloé Domat

Master: Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs

Concentrations: Middle Eastern Studies

The place(s) I call home

France, Paris, Beirut ... trains and airplanes.

Prior to PSIA I was

A Sc Po expat in Lebanon

My life at PSIA

I chose my program because I wanted to become a journalist; I wanted to cover international news. I felt that although the media is going through a serious crisis there was a window of opportunity for specialised reporters. My goal was to use the PSIA knowledge, the J-School tools and my field experience to cover Middle Eastern issues in a new way.
What has been your most meaningful/fulfilling experience at PSIA (ex: gap years, internships, team projects etc.)?
My trip to Ethiopia with Professor Lakhdar Brahimi. The study trip taught me much more than any class. It is y belief that especially at Masters’ level, we benefit more from first hand ground experience than from academic courses.

My objectives

I want to be a freelance multimedia journalist based in the Middle East, preferably in Beirut.

My best tips

My most inspiring class so far has been: Lakhdar Brahimi – Conflict resolution. The best teacher, the best classes, the best field trip. My key to success at PSIA : Follow what your dreams, travel, work outside school, keep in touch with your teachers and your fellow students, don’t mess up your inscriptions pédagogiques!

My life outside PSIA

Recent “study breaks” include: Ethiopia, Lebanon, South of France, Creuse, Egypt.

What do you like best about Paris: It’s my home.

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