Barrione Dora

Master: International Security

Concentrations: African Studies

The place(s) I call home


Prior to PSIA I was

at Sciences Po

My life at PSIA

My most inspiring class so far is "Menaces Internationales" which focused on all security issues around the world and that was taught by brilliant professionals who gave us a real insight in the security world. I had fulfilling experiences thanks to PSIA. My semester of internship, which I did at the Ministry of Defense was incredible, and my gap year is going the same way as I will be working at the French Embassy in Yaoundé, Cameroon, for the better part of 2012.

My objectives

I would like to work in risk management- I would like to work for the government at first and then maybe experience the private sector. I am interested in the geopolitics of Africa, management of armed conflicts, risk analysis etc.

My best tips

Choose classes that interest you, it's the best way to easily excel.

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