Anne-Laure Delatte

Anne-Laure Delatte is a tenured Researcher at the French Institute for Scientific Research (CNRS), a fellow at OFCE-Sciences Po (Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Economiques). She is currently on leave at Princeton University where she gives a course on the Euro crisis. Her research focuses on financial economics and international macroeconomics with an empirical approach, applied to several areas including emerging economies and recently Europe. Her papers have been published in international journals including Journal of International Money and Finance, Review of International Economics, Applied Economics, Journal of Macroeconomics. She is a CEPR Research Affiliate in the Financial Economics Programme. She joined a hearing about the European regulation on short sellings and CDS in the German Parliament Bundestag in June 2012. She received her PhD in 2005 from Paris 10 University on the breakup of hard exchange rate regimes. During her Ph D. she visited the United Nations ECLAC in Buenos Aires. From 2006 to 2008 she has been a Lecturer in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Until  2013, she was an associate Professor at Rouen Business School. She has two wonderful kids and lives in Paris.


 "Is the European sovereign crisis self-fulfilling? Empirical evidence about the drivers of market sentiments”, with C. Bruneau et J. Fouquau, forthcoming in Journal of Macroeconomics

 "The demand for money in China revisited. Understanding Money Demand in the Transition from a Centrally Planned to a Market Economy, with J. Fouquau, C. Holz, Forthcoming in Post-Communist Economies

"Commodity and Equity Markets: Some Stylized Facts from a Copula Approach”, (2013), with C. Lopez, Journal of Banking and Finance 37(12), 5346-5356.

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“A Counterfactual Analysis of the Argentinean Monetary Transformation in 2002”. (2009), Applied Economics, 41(27), 3533 - 3544

Publications in French:

  “De l’assouplissement des règles monétaires” (2005), Revue Economique. 56(3),  787-797.

 L’accélération des réserves internationales de change dans les pays émergents” (2012), avec J. Fouquau, Revue Economique, 63(5), 1013-1023


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