The 2 year PSIA curriculum combines conceptual foundations and current scholarship with the most up-to-date operational training and best practices.

World-renowned professors, leading regional experts and practitioners have joined PSIA to teach over 300 courses annually in the most salient fields of international affairs. 70% of courses are offered in English to the entire student body. Consequently, all students are fluent in English, and students without prior understanding of French may follow a full course of study in English at PSIA. In-house language training is available in ten additional languages.

PSIA offers a choice of 9 master's programs and 23 concentrations. Students choose 1 master field and 2 concentrations to create their own curriculum. The richness of course offering at PSIA and the guarantee of numerous academic trajectories for our students is a key attribute to the professional success of our graduates. The countless combinations of master and concentration programs ensure a personalised academic trajectory, with the guidance of academic advisors. Instead of an internship, some students may also choose to do fieldwork and a master thesis, subject to prior academic approval.


Curriculum Overview

PSIA Full list of courses (2017)

Sciences Po Common Core Curriculum (in French)

PSIA Core Master Curriculum

Through the vast choice of master's degrees and concentration programs, PSIA offers a comprehensive yet diversified academic program of the highest international caliber. The first semester offers a selection of fundamental courses that all students take within the master while the second and fourth Semesters offers a large selection of courses in various sub-fields within the master.

PSIA Concentrations


While English is the only language required to follow coursework at PSIA and the common language shared by all students, a third of courses are offered in French. Language instruction is customized to the specific academic and professional objectives of the student, and PSIA also offers an intensive French language program.      

Special Features

Special features consist of optional courses complementary to the standard PSIA curriculum.  PSIA students may enroll in one special feature, or optional course, per semester. 

Third Semester Opportunities

The third semester at PSIA is entirely dedicated to professional development.  PSIA students are offered three choices, depending on their career objectives:

Some funding opportunities are available to assist students who will complete their 3rd semester outside of France. Please see here (under "Mobility grants") for more details.

Degree Requirements for PSIA Students

Grand Oral

Preparation for the French administration exams

All students registered in their 2nd year of a Master program at Sciences Po are technically eligible to take the "Prépa-concours" track parallel to their Master's studies in order to prepare for the competitive French administration exams. Please see here for further information (in French) on this.