Chair in Sovereign Debt

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Sovereign debt sustainability, the nature of financing needs, the nature of debt, and the need for improved transparency have become key issues, both for ensuring sustainable economic growth and reducing inequalities.  

In a context where the creditor landscape and the debt structures of emerging market sovereigns are evolving, and public debt levels are at historic highs, preventing and reducing sovereign debt vulnerabilities, coordinating creditors, defining sustainable debt levels and resolving debt crises are all key challenges. To meet them, it is essential to develop a deeper understanding of the situations and choices of the past decades and to reflect thoroughly on the solutions to be invented for the future.

The Paris Club, which is based in France, is the “main international forum for restructuring official bilateral debt claims”. More than four hundred negotiations involving ninety countries have been conducted through this forum. Yet so far, no academic focal point has been set up in France on sovereign debt issues.

Through the conferences it will organize, the courses it will deliver, and the research and publications it will support, the Chair in Sovereign Debt aims to become an intellectual leader on sovereign finance in France and Europe.

Hosted at the Paris School of International Affairs, the governance of the Chair includes two key committees and a team. It is funded by one exclusive sponsor: Global Sovereign Advisory.

The Chair is launched on 27 November 2019 with an inaugural conference featuring former Prime Minister of Greece, Aléxis Tsípras. The activities of the Chair will include research, teaching and a program of events.

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