Women in Business Chair

The mission of the Women in Business Chair, which is attached to the Sciences Po Centre for Entrepreneurship, is to identify the obstacles that prevent women from achieving their ambitions, propose initiatives, and evaluate their impact.


The chair is led by economist Anne Boring, affiliated researcher at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) and assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Launched in 2018, the Chair conducts its activities in collaboration with the Centre for Entrepreneurship, the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP), and the academic and research program on gender issues (PRESAGE), as well as with prestigious partner universities (Harvard, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Bocconi University, etc.) 


Over the last 20 years, little progress has been made in reducing gender inequalities in the labour market. 

The Chair’s founding was prompted by several findings, based on data from the OECD, Eurostat, ILO and national data institutes, which show that:


The Women in Business Chair has three objectives:


The Chair’s activities are aimed at four target audiences:


The Chair conducts research on several issues related to gender equality at work:


Each research project uses the same method:

  1. Description of inequalities and identification of the mechanisms that lead to them
  2. Development of interventions to reduce these inequalities
  3. Impact assessment of these interventions

Based on methodologies developed in economics and econometrics, the research approach includes the analysis of large databases as well as experiments. The fieldwork is carried out in collaboration with companies, universities, and other organisations interested in providing a setting to collect data and test interventions. 


The Chair’s research not only develops knowledge about gender equality in the labour market and business, but also feeds into the academic content of the courses taught at Sciences Po. The teaching and learning activities based on the Chair’s research output are cross-cutting and are led by the Centre for Entrepreneurship in connection with PRESAGE. These activities consist of training modules (one-off workshops or longer courses) that help Sciences Po students to better prepare for entering the labour market, and thus ultimately to reduce the entry-level wage gap.

The range of teaching and learning activities may include work with student associations, as well as group projects within the Master’s programmes on themes related to the Chair. Other courses may be created in future, particularly in Executive Education.

My objective is to help women achieve their own goals

Anne Boring, Chair director

Become a partner

Benefit from the work of the Chair

  • Organise research-based company seminars on issues related to gender equality in the workplace;
  • Participate academically to the study of the evolution of workplace paradigms;
  • Promote research within the HR ecosystem so that companies can use research findings and develop their own solutions and action programmes;
  • Develop ties with Sciences Po students and partner organisations.

Strengthen your image and your employer brand

  • Be associated with a project whose work will be widely disseminated in the public domain, thanks to a powerful presence in both the traditional media and on social networks.
  • Promote diversity within your own organization and programs;
  • Encourage entrepreneurship as a fulfilling project/career for women;
  • Participate in the debate around work-life balance;
  • Acknowledgement on all print and web documents and event displays for the Chair.


We thank the partner companies that support this Chair:


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