European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition

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This interdisciplinary research and teaching chair was created in November 2020 to provide new insights for all organisations working to advance sustainable development, with a triple focus on the issues of climate transition, economic development and social inclusion.

A transdisciplinary approach

Firmly transdisciplinary in its outlook and approach, the Chair will develop integrative thinking in economics, sociology, technology and the humanities. It will place emphasis on the fundamental issues of securing social inclusion, enhancing environmental sustainability and achieving economic growth. It will promote the design and implementation of national and European public policies advancing the objectives of the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the European Green Deal.

An ecosystem of actors    

The Chair also aims to create a wide-reaching interdisciplinary and transnational ecosystem to impulse research, training and innovation around themes such as territorial well-being and social inclusion, climate finance, biodiversity conservation and climate smart infrastructure. In doing so, the Chair will open up new avenues for actively engaging citizens, businesses and public services. It will contribute to the success of major international programmes and initiatives for the protection of the planet.

Multiple objectives and initiatives 

The Chair allows Sciences Po to:

The Chair creates a dedicated space at Sciences Po for dialogue and collaboration between researchers, professionals, students and civil society stakeholders both within Europe and beyond. Its calendar of events coincides with the major deadlines of international agreements.


This is the first Sciences Po Chair affiliated to two of the university’s Graduate Schools. Co-hosted by the School of Public Affairs and the Paris School of International Affairs, the Chair is directed by Shiv Someshwar, a specialist in environmental issues. Someshwar is Professor at Sciences Po and a visiting professor at Columbia University.

 Read the interview by Dr. Someshwar

The Chairholder is supported by the following two committees:

Funding requirement: €400,000 per year

To achieve this funding goal, we are seeking support from several partners willing to commit for a three-year period.

Become a partner

Benefit from the Chair’s output

  • Integrate research findings into the company’s strategic thinking, including in anticipation of regulatory changes.
  • Take advantage of knowledge production before other market players (access a high level of expertise on these subjects, relevant to your needs).
  • Take an active part in the education of future stakeholders in the sector, particularly through innovative teaching programmes.
  • Facilitate recruitment of top candidates in these areas.

Strengthen your image and your employer brand

  • Be associated with a project whose output will feature prominently in the public arena, thanks to media coverage and a strong presence on social networks.
  • Take action through research to meet the challenge of the century.
  • Join a network of stakeholders committed to sustainable development, from the private and public sectors and civil society.
  • Be mentioned on all print and web content and publicity of the Chair’s events.

We thank the partner companies that support this Chair:


Chair's website

More info on the website of the European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition

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