Name a space

As part of the 150th Anniversary Campaign, Sciences Po offers corporate and individual donors the opportunity to have their name associated with one of the main spaces of the Artillerie or other sites on the Paris campus.

20 emblematic spaces to be named at the Artillerie

2 donation levels: 250 000 and 1 M

As a private donor, you may give give your name, or the name of a person of your choice, to one of the campus facilities or spaces, from the large courtyards to the heritage-listed staircases, the library, or the rooms of the Innovation Pavilion.

The names of companies, foundations, associations, clubs, committees, and graduation classes will be displayed on a plaque in the chosen space.

The spaces are divided into two categories: 

The duration of the naming rights depends on the amount of the gift. 

Donors are also recognized in the following manner: 

Our sponsors are associated with the Sciences Po 2022 campaign events and invited to share the highlights of life at Sciences Po (conferences, academic and student life).



Recognition program

Join us in shaping one of Europe’s finest places to study, teach and build the future, and enjoy recognition and benefits that tie in with the project you’ve supported.

Opening of 1, Saint-Thomas campus

We intend the 1, Saint-Thomas site to be a hub of knowledge creation that brings together the entire university community—students, faculty, staff, and partners—in a shared Sciences Po experience.