Good in Tech Chair

The Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation and the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (IMT) are in the process of establishing this Chair, which aims to produce, teach and disseminate new knowledge on innovation and technology—with people as the starting point and end goal.

Three main activities


The Chair is run jointly by Sciences Po and IMT Business School, and coordinated by the Institut Louis Bachelier and the Fondation du Risque. This coordination confers several advantages, including the possibility of applying for Chair of Excellence status. 

Observations and issues

The Chair’s work stems from the following observations:

These observations give rise to the following questions:

The Chair takes inspiration from and is in phase with similar programmes at Harvard University (The Future Society), MIT (Future of Life), New York University (Data & Society), Oxford University (Future of Humanity Institute), and Silicon Valley (Center for Humane Technology).

Priority research themes

These research themes will be applied to three areas in particular:

The Chair’s activities will build on collaboration with academics from universities abroad. Partnerships are envisaged with New York University (Data & Society), Harvard University (The Future Society), MIT (The Future of Life), and the University of Tokyo.


Course offerings will be based largely on the Master in Innovation and Digital Transformation, which results from a Sciences Po – IMT partnership.  

This Master’s programme aims to train innovation professionals by bringing out their creative and reflexive potential, and is based on four key elements: digital humanities to understand the world around us, entrepreneurial culture to create economic value, technological culture to master the technical challenges of digital transformation, and design methodologies to try out potential realities through innovation.

The programme draws on input from the Sciences Po Medialab, a leading research centre in the field of digital humanities. Medialab’s expertise in digital practices, algorithms, and data (big data and smart data), its theoretical contribution (social theory, media studies), and its educational methodologies (controversy mapping in particular) contribute substantially to the quality of the programme.

Educational innovation is also a key feature of the programme, giving soft skills and expertise a high priority. Students benefit from experiential learning and work with real-world issues in creative workshops. Telecom ParisTech’s Studio Design is used as a shared based for creation and innovation.

Funding requirement : €300,000 per year

This financing can be raised through the support of two large companies at €100,000 each and two SMEs at €50,000 each.

Become a partner

Benefit from the Chair’s output:

Organise business seminars using the Chair’s research findings.

Receive invitations to events sharing the Chair’s research


Strengthen your image and your employer brand:

Be associated with a project whose output will feature prominently in the public arena, thanks to media coverage and a strong presence on social networks.  

Gain a voice in the debate about the positive contributions and dangers of technology and innovation.

Be mentioned on all print and web content and publicity of the Chair’s events.


We thank the partner companies that support this Chair:


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