Catering to diverse training needs

In addition to its Bachelor’s and two-year Master’s programmes, Sciences Po offers a wide range of short and continuing education courses, catering to diverse training needs.

Sciences Po’s six one-year Master’s programmes are designed for young professionals seeking to take their career to the next level. The intensive curricula are taught in English.

Competitive exam preparation is one of Sciences Po’s traditional fields of expertise. Our effective approach is based on a simple idea: success requires a comprehensive understanding of the exam format, from senior civil service recruitment to the bar exam.

Sciences Po Executive Education offers courses designed for public- and private-sector executives in 11 diverse fields. Our multidisciplinary intellectual training helps to broaden participants’ horizons and develop their self-confidence.



This continuing education certificate programme, launched in September 2016, is offered to ministers of religion of different faiths, religious community leaders, and professionals from the public and non-profit sectors. This training course is designed to enrich their knowledge from a multidisciplinary perspective, to develop their network of relations, and thereby to contribute to interreligious dialogue in France.

The programme content is delivered by academics, religious leaders, and professionals from both the public and private sectors. It focuses on the links between religions and French institutions, French culture, and leadership issues: understanding the political and institutional environment surrounding religious practices, knowledge of different religions and their intellectual traditions and rituals, and work on the exercise of responsibilities within a religious community.

The programme aims to actively engage participants with this material through proven educational methods: role-playing, case studies, critical and comparative reading of texts by speakers from different backgrounds, interviews with prominent figures, group work, and simulations.

Funding requirement: €100,000

The maximum cost to the participant, not taking account of any funding provided by their employer or religious community, is €790, which is about 8% of programme costs. The remaining 92% is funded by public subsidies and private sponsorship.

Become a partner

By becoming a partner of Emouna, you get to engage with a thought community:

Attend master classes with the programme participants and guest speakers: “Violence in the founding texts”, “Am I my brother’s keeper? (Genesis 4:9)”, “A priest’s fight against genocide”, “Women and religions”, and more

Share in the highlights of the programme: opening day, certificate award ceremony, etc.

Help advance a positive and peaceful understanding of religions and secularism in France.

Preparatory Certificate for High Performance Athletes

The Preparatory Certificate for High Performance Athletes is a certificate course for high performance athletes offered by Executive Education. The course allows them to acquire a base of general knowledge and the keys to understanding current affairs so they can prepare to take up university studies and think about their future career transition. The programme celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017.

We thank the partner companies and foundations that support the programme:


Addressing tomorrow’s challenges

Our programmes must make students aware of the challenges of a world undergoing profound change and equip them with new skills suited to the jobs of the future: creativity, collaboration, and the ability to put ideas into practice.

Embracing all forms of knowledge: the Writing and Rhetoric Center

To understand an increasingly complex and dynamic world, we need to break down barriers between the disciplines and produce new perspectives. Our teaching programmes are opening up to life sciences, on the one hand, and to the humanities on the other, with the Writing and Rhetoric Centre and its writer-in-residence Chair.