Campus 2022

Beyond the architectural challenge, Campus 2022 represents a complete renewal of Sciences Po after 150 years of existence. This new Sciences Po in the heart of Paris, of a standard to rival the world’s best urban campuses, will allow us to meet our ambitious goals for educational innovation, research, international appeal, and excellence.

A campus to attract talent from around the world

The 1, Saint-Thomas site offers Sciences Po an exceptional opportunity to drive the current educational revolution, thanks to new, open, innovative spaces designed to stimulate creativity, compare ideas and encourage experimentation. This world-class urban campus worthy of one of Europe’s leading research universities is destined to attract top faculty and students from around the world.

Supporting Sciences Po through the Campus 2022 project means contributing to the development of an institution that educates France’s decision-makers in politics and other spheres, but which also attracts increasing numbers of students from all over the world.

Jérôme Seydoux, CEO of Pathé, Major Donor, Marcel Proust Circle

An open university in the heart of the city

As Sciences Po’s reputation and influence grow, we want to reinvent our central city facilities in a way that strengthens our engagement with wider society, as have several leading universities with which Sciences Po has a partnership—the LSE, Columbia and Hong Kong University.

Located in the centre of France’s capital alongside its key players and decision makers, this site embodies one of the founding principles of our intellectual approach: to be a place of both thought and action. By bringing together faculty, students, practitioners and the general public, it advances another idea essential to our identity: to promote dialogue between the social science disciplines in close connection with society and with the aim of enriching public debate. This will be an exceptional work environment that favours excellence and stimulates collective projects to attract the best researchers and students from around the world.

Frédéric Mion, President of Sciences Po

A redesigned campus district

Campus 2022 is a chance to rethink all of Sciences Po’s sites in Paris, with different educational functions depending on students’ study path. The campus is streamlined over four sites around the historic building at 27 Rue Saint-Guillaume and 1, Saint-Thomas. The new organisation will allow us to vacate 17 locations currently leased in the 7th arrondissement.


Campus 2022 blog

This blog is a place to record the Campus 2022 story as it unfolds, with the entire Sciences Po community—students, faculty and staff—all of whom are involved in building the Sciences Po of tomorrow. It is the story of an ambition and an ideal: to understand the world in order to transform it.

1, Saint-Thomas

The acquisition of 1, Saint-Thomas marked a new stage in Sciences Po’s history. In 2022, the year of the institution’s 150th anniversary, we will inaugurate our new campus. It is to be an urban campus at the forefront of innovation, engaged with the city and the wider world; a sustainable, attractive campus to rival those of the world’s leading universities.