Campus 2022

A redesigned campus district

Campus 2022 rethinks all of Sciences Po’s sites in Paris, with different educational functions depending on students’ study path.

Saint-Germain South

The campus is streamlined over six sites,  27 Rue Saint-Guillaume, 56 rue des Saints-Pères, 30 rue Saint-Guillaume, 9 rue de la Chaise et 199 Bd Saint-Germain. The complex welcomes over two-thirds of the educational spaces on campus which corresponds to around 3,000 places. There are also large amphithéâtres, a library, student life spaces, cafeterias, gardens, and academic support (International Affairs Department, Sciences Po Careers, Language Secretariat).

Saint-Germain North

1, Saint-Thomas new campus extends towards the site at 13 rue de l’Université.

In addition to the many classrooms and the two amphitheatres (20% of the places on campus), 13 rue de l’Université site is home to 3 of the 7 master’s schools (Law, EAP, PSIA). It also houses the student services center (including the health facility) and a space for educational innovation handled by the Institute for Skills and Innovation.

13, rue de l’Université and 1, Saint-Thomas is the home to the graduate schools, research, the incubator and new learning spaces and formats in general.

Executive Education, research centers, administrative services, and instructional spaces are located 28 rue des Saints-Pères.

Supporting Sciences Po through the Campus 2022 project means contributing to the development of an institution that educates France’s decision-makers in politics and other spheres, but which also attracts increasing numbers of students from all over the world.

Jérôme Seydoux, CEO of Pathé, Major Donor, Marcel Proust Circle


1, Saint-Thomas

Saint Thomas new campus was inaugurated in January 2022, the year of the institution’s 150th anniversary. It is a campus at the forefront of innovation, connected with the city and the rest of the world, attractive enough to compete with the world’s leading universities.

Campus 2022 blog

This blog is a place to record the Campus 2022 story as it unfolds, with the entire Sciences Po community—students, faculty and staff—all of whom are involved in building the Sciences Po of tomorrow. It is the story of an ambition and an ideal: to understand the world in order to transform it.