Zsolt BODA

Professor and director general of the HUN-REN Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest

(Visiting Professor at LIEPP from May 25 to June 25)

Bio :

Zsolt BODA is research professor and director general of the HUN-REN Centre for Social Sciences –  Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence as well as part-time professor of political science at the ELTE University of Budapest. He holds an MA in economics, a PhD as well as a DSc in political science. He did research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the University of Versailles as well as the Centre des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris and was teaching at Paris 6, the University of Nordland, and the European University Viadrina. His academic work focuses on the problems of governance, public policy, as well as institutional trust, its social roots and its consequences for policy effectiveness. From 2019 to 2022 he was the principal investigator of DEMOS – Democratic efficacy and the varieties of populism in Europe, a consortial H2020 project. He is now leading a research project on the challenges of greening state governance. 

Involved in project(s) / Research Group(s) :

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