Policy/Political Advisor, European Parliament 

PhD in Economics, (thesis financed by LIEPP and defended in October 2019)


Bio :

Max Viskanic is a political adviser at the European Parliament. He holds a PhD in economics.

He was a doctoral fellow at LIEPP/département d'économie de Sciences Po from 2017 to 2019 and he defended his thesis "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2016-18 | Migrants, Refugees and the rise of Far Right Populism" under the supervision of Roberto Galbiati in October 2019.

His research interests lie in Political Economics, Economic History as well as applied Microeconometrics. His initial work centres around the impact of Immigration and Refugee shocks on electoral outcomes. 

Poster of the project (June 2018) 



Vertier, Paul and Viskanic, Max, « Dismantling the ‘Jungle’: Migrant Relocation and Extreme Voting in France » (March 08,2018). CESifo Working Paper Series N°. 6927. 

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