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Sara Connolly

Sara Connolly will be visiting LIEPP and CEE from March 18th to April 18th.

Sara Connolly is Reader in Personnel Economics at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. She graduated with First Class Honours in Economics and Pure Mathematics from Liverpool University and holds an MPhil and DPhil in Economics from Nuffield College, Oxford University.  Her research investigates the labour market experiences of men and women with regard to pay and promotion, and the effect of career breaks and part-time employment on future labour opportunities. 

She is currently involved in three projects that concern various dimensions of careers and the labour market:

‘Fathers, work and family in Europe today’ explores household working patterns, the incidence of long hours culture and unusual hours of work, the degree of involvement of fathers in their children’s lives and the extent of work-family conflict across the EU.

‘Excellence in academic careers’ explores the careers of applicants for ERC Starting and Advanced Grants. Our particular interest is in how non-standard careers are represented by the applicants and treated within the review process.  

‘Careers and Career Building in the European Commission’ investigates the career trajectories of male and female officials.  It assesses the impact of successive programmes designed to promote greater gender equity within the Commission and compares the Commission’s record with both national administrations and international organizations.