Codirector of the Health Policies Research Group - LIEPP.

Scientific coordinator of the Sciences Po-FNSP Health Studies Chair, co-director of the "Health" subject at the "Pres­ses" of Scien­ces Po.

Health sociology
Divers, Santé

Bio :

Henri Bergeron is the director of the Health Policies Research Group of LIEPP, the co-director of the "Health Domain" of Sciences Po Press Relations and the scientific coordinator of the Health Chair of Sciences Po-FNSP.

He developed his research activities at CNRS and at Sciences Po on health policies and on the transformation of practices in the medical profession. He studies diverse subjects such as illicit drugs, alcohol, obesity, medical research and public health policy by using tools from the sociology of public action and the sociology of organizations. He has participated in a number of public policy evaluations, in particular as deputy scientific coordinator of a European agency for five years where his work focused on addicitions.

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