Evaluating the implementation of an anti drug-trafficking policy and of policies for the prevention and care of addictions

January 2015 - June 2016

Research team : Henri Bergeron, Patrick Hassenteufel (Université Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines), Louise Lartigot-Hervier, Chloé Touzet.

Project conducted in partnership with the Mission Interministérielle de Lutte contre les Drogues et la conduites addictives (MILDECA).


The French government conducts four-year plans to fight drugs and addictions. These plans are interministerial and necessitate the coordination of various actors involved in their implementation. The MILDECA is in charge of that coordination task. 

In the framework of the 2013-2017 plan, LIEPP's research team conducts an evaluation of four particular actions, one in the "anti drug-trafficking" section, two in the "prevention and communication" part of the plan, and the last one in the domain of "assistance and care". More precisely, the role of MILDECA as an essential actor of coordination in the implementation of the plan is evaluated. This is done through looking at four specific actions: 

- An experiment conducted in the northern districts of Marseille by the Ministry of Interior. Meetings and public debates are organized with a panel representative of the neighbouring communities, in order to prevent traficking and consumption of drugs from those aged 11 to 25. 

- The intervention of "information students" in universities to identify and take care of addictive behaviours, conducted by the Ministries of National Education, of Higher Education and of Agriculture. 

- A campaign directed at young people and their social circle in order to inform them about young consumer consultations. This action is conducted by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

- The elaboration and experimentation of a program for the prevention and care of fetal alcohol disorders, conducted by the MILDECA. 

These four actions will be evaluated with regard to both their effectiveness and their efficiency. Determinants of cooperations and conflicts among actors will be identified and analyzed. In order to do so, the research team will produce qualitative data and rely on existing date (notably those produced by the Observatoire Français des Drogues et des Toxicomanies).

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Associated events: 

  • 28/11/2016 : Louise Lartigot presentation on the subject "Evaluations de quatre dispositifs du Plan gouvernemental de lutte contre les drogues et les conduites addictives 2013-2017",  during la Journée de médiation & Prix scientifique - MILDECA. Find out Louis Lartigot's presentation video at minute 21'30.
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