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Course charter for gender studies

Gender studies refer to an international and interdisciplinary field of research. It analyses power relations, inequalities and discriminatory practices relating to sex, gender (including gender identity or expression), sexual orientation, as well as their intersection with other categories, such as social class, ethno-racial origins or presumed origins, religion, age and disability.

This field of study falls within the broader landscape of research conducted into academically debated notions such as gender difference, gender relations, sex, gender, queerness and intersectionality. The aim of the approach is to create a space for reflection on the production of inequalities, the concept of equality, sociocultural and political practices and public policy. Driven by critical and self-reflexive thought, the field of gender studies is continually being developed and renewed.

At Sciences Po, gender studies are primarily taught through the lens of the humanities and social sciences (law, economics, history, political science, sociology). Teaching in this area combines theoretical, empirical and applied approaches. Whatever their programme or professional aspirations, all students at Sciences Po have the option of pursuing a gender studies course track. In doing so, they gain the knowledge base and critical tools necessary to understand issues relating to gender inequality and discrimination, including past and future historical, social, economic, legal and political dimensions.

Read the course charter for gender studies (PDF, 80 Ko)

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