Gender studies in a research-intensive university

Research at Sciences Po contributes to knowledge and debate in five overarching disciplines: law, economics, history, political science, and sociology. Gender is treated as a cross-cutting theme. Transcending traditional fields, Sciences Po’s Gender Studies Programme brings together researchers across Sciences Po and forges new interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches.

  • The Gender Studies Programme brings together about 20 faculty researchers, from both France and abroad, who as a common denominator work on research topics related to gender.
  • At the PhD level, about 20 theses in progress include a central gender studies perspective. A Gender and Research Seminar dedicated to PhD and young researchers takes place bimonthly at the School of Research.

A social science hub

Sciences Po researchers publish individual and collective articles, books and research data on current topics and act as experts of their field and discipline. Many research projects focus on gender issues at Sciences Po. Research topics covered by Sciences Po Faculty include: public policies, social and economic rights, discrimination, sexual and gender-based violence, migrations, LGBTQ rights, etc.

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The Gender Studies Programme provides financial support for gender studies research projects and initiatives (scientific events organisation, translation for publications, etc.).

An interdisciplinary international research network

Sciences Po’s Gender Studies Programme encourages concerted initiatives connecting different perspectives, approaches and seniority levels. It seeks to maximise opportunities for exchanging ideas, both across Sciences Po and the global academic community.

To this end, it facilitates and promotes interactions with foreign researchers from all disciplines. Invited researchers and professors working in Sciences Po research units have the opportunity to meet colleagues working in the gender studies research field at Sciences Po.

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In 2024, a Gender Studies Visiting Faculty Programme will open the possibility for two professors to visit Sciences Po for a semester in 2024.

Bridging with society, informing public policy

The programme actively contributes to the public debate on gender equality issues and inclusion. Recognising the importance of connecting with the larger public, it strives to foster meaningful dialogues and commits to sharing expertise with public institutions. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, it aims to enhance the collective understanding of complex issues and contribute to evidence-based decision-making across various sectors.

Contact us

For all requests relating to the program, please write at: presage@sciencespo.fr.