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Conference recordings

Here you will find recordings from our previous conferences with english-speaking lecturers. Presage records around ten conferences each year all to be found on soundcloud.

Roundtable discussion - sexual violence in armed conflict

With kirsten campbell, elissa mailänder, fabrice virgili and anne-laure briatte.

presage · sexual violence in armed conflict

Webinar - telemedicine in abortion care

Webinar - dress codes: how the laws of fashion made history

Webinar - sexual citizens

Webinar - refugees and migrants amid the global pandemic. Gendered vulnerabilities in the middle east.

presage · refugees and migrants amid the global pandemic. Gendered vulnerabilities in the middle east.

Read the webinar report.

Francine deutsch - halving it all

Rhacel salazar parreñas - gender and transnational families

Vandana shiva - ecology and feminism

Roundtable discussion - gender budgeting: analysing public spending and tax policies

With mary-ann stephenson, claire guiraud, fran bennett and hélène périvier

Roundtable discussion - sexuality and violence in historical perspective

 with ulrike lindner, patrick farges, anna hájková and elissa mailänder

Tristin green - discrimination laundering

maya judd - when young is old. Mamma's boys and low fertility in italy

Jonathan katz - hide / seek: difference and desire in american portraiture 

Nira yuval-davis - the political of belonging: intersectional contestations 

Daniel s. Hamermesh - beauty pays - why attractive people are more successful 

Gøsta esping-andersen - what happens to family life when the gender revolution matures? 

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