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  • Bassins à flots district, BordeauxBassins à flots district, Bordeaux

Study trips are an important teaching component of the Master’s programme. Each cohort takes an active part in preparing the trips, which include several meetings with professionals and local government representatives. Debriefings give rise to reports or other forms of student work.

Semester 1: trip to a large French city

This first study trip immediately puts students into contact with a French city and region.

The objective: to identify and analyse the economic, social, environmental, and cultural issues of the area, meet local stakeholders and study their interactions. This introduction to the professional urban and regional planning sphere also awakens students to its diversity.

Students studied:

Semester 2: discovery of a large city abroad

Through field visits and conferences, the trip enables students to identify the stakeholders and issues that are specific to the region in question, while exploring the convergent dynamics of big European cities.

The aim is to apply the analytical tools acquired on the course to understanding the issues of an urban area from a comparative international perspective. The second semester trip is organised as a theme-based workshop where students work on a specific commission from a partner institution.

Students went to:

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