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Master 1: to discover a Large Metropolis outside Europe

Between the first and the second semester, GLM students go to a large metropolis to develop a collective inquiry. Each year a specific research question shapes the choices of site visits, meetings, interviews, observations, data collection and encounters.

The main goal of the study trip is to collect data for a collective report on the governance dynamics of a large metropolis

The study trip is prepared in the first semester by conferences with scholars and practitioners coming from the metropolis it will be visited. A special syllabus is provided, including scientific papers organised by policy sectors, history books, a filmography and several excellent novels. A method for exploring the metropolis is developed. Before the study trip, special interactive sessions are organised to discuss local habits, issue related to professional behaviour and safety in a collective inquiry. Discussions and feedback are designed to support skills relative to the political inquiry, and how to ask sensitive questions in critical, contentious, political environments.

During the study trip the students work all together or divide by team, all day long to collect qualitative and quantitative data, debriefing late in the evening about evidence, interpretations, difficulties, contrasting feelings. Meetings with policy makers, corporate executives, community leaders and other actors are planned in advanced. Downtown and suburbs are covered trying to grasp at best the metropolitan dimension and tensions related to multilevel governance.

Here you can see a short video presenting the logic and the activities of the study trip in Manila. 

THE Study Trip Report 

In the second semester, students decide the Report’s Table of contents and then work by team to assure the writing of the chapters, maps, charts and infographics, sketches and the layout of the book. Each year the editorial board is constituted only by students and the academic team assures tutoring and feedbacks. After the publication, the Study Trip Report is presented by the students in a public seminar, discussed by scholars, civil servants from the pertinent Embassy, practitioners.

Please, feel free to download the books realized by the students:


Johan Nicolás Diaz, second year student: 

"Discussing with multiple actors was absolutely enriching, as it showed us diverse points of view on issues such as transportation and mobility, infrastructure development, housing, urban growth, urban revitalization, social and community fabric, and heritage preservation."

Yunqing Bi, graduate:

"The study trip to Dubai was an eye-opener and it gave me new ideas and perspectives on governance and culture. I had never been to the Middle East before that trip, so I found the visits and encounters really fascinating. It broadened my horizons about what a large metropolis is and the challenges they can face."

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