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Master in Corporate Strategy

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The Master in Corporate Strategy is the ideal program for serious students aspiring to become managers, consultants and entrepreneurs able to understand and tackle 21st business and societal challenges particularly from the perspective of sustainability and digital transformation.

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The program focuses on business fundamentals and, in particular, provides students with critical knowledge concerning financial and strategy skills. These foundational courses are contextualized and grounded in the humanities through Sciences Po's core curriculum courses in political science, law, sociology, history and economics and completed by specialized skills training.

In particular, the Master in Corporate Strategy will:

  • Foster their analytical capacity through a multidisciplinary approach
  • Develop their managerial skills
  • Offer a privileged connection to Sciences Po's network of corporate partners and facilitate access to the labor market
  • Prepare for recruitment processes all year long by providing intense and thorough interviews preparation and by leading job placements activities (corporate breakfasts, afterwork events in companies' headquarters, permanent job fairs,…)
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Innovative teaching methods

The master emphasizes interdisciplinary analytical tools and hands-on training workshops as essential to understanding and performing in the field of corporate strategy.

The program is built on a case study approach that is further enriched by the experience and the diversity of the cohort. A high level of interaction is fostered by the small size of the class: the program enrolls 25 to 30 students a year from a wide variety of backgrounds (such as management, economics, law, engineering, and political sciences).

Students also have access to the full curriculum of Sciences Po's School of Management and Innovation in business, management, finance and economics as well as Sciences Po's graduate "common core curriculum" in the humanities. They may choose from a wide range of courses and workshops offered in English and French, according to their individual academic and professional needs and interests.

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The Master draws upon Sciences Po's world-class faculty and its unparalleled network of experts. The program also mobilizes the Sciences Po alumni community, whose members are committed to mentoring and guiding students in their projects and career development as well as to teaching "master classes".

Core courses are taught by members of its permanent faculty – notably calling upon the deep knowledge and expertise of Sciences Po's Department of Economics in the field of microeconomics - and by adjunct professors who are leading industry specialists from Sciences Po's corporate partners.

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Structure and Curriculum

One year Master programs are full-time, begin in end August and end in early July.

The program includes:

  • The Fall Semester made up of core and electives courses
  • The Spring semester made up of core and electives courses
  • The Final Summer semester made up of advanced courses and which is dedicated to developing practical leadership and management/professional skills.

In addition to these courses, students in the program will be required to take at least one foreign language course per semester, chosen from Sciences Po's in-house offer of 10 languages. Non-French speakers are particularly encouraged to enroll in French language classes.

The Master in Corporate Strategy offers students the opportunity to prepare for professional certificates exams, optimising their chance of success.

The overall required number of credits is 100 ECTS, the equivalent of about 25 courses, which makes the curriculum one of the most demanding specialized master programs.

Please note: standard courses at Sciences Po are 24 contact hours (12 sessions of 2 hours, over 12 weeks) with about the same number of hours of work outside the classroom. One 24 hour-class is worth 4 ECTS credits.

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“It is a very rich year academically, but also a year of much personal reflection on what I want for my future.” Read the interview.

Hernan Lazcano (Gratuated in 2021).

"The master in corporate strategy gave the best immersive educational experience available, grounded in real-life business cases, in order to continue my career in the financial industry." Read the interview

Jan Maria Willem RITZEN (Graduated in 2019).

"I'm excited to be part of a global disruptor and feel like Sciences Po helped me make that transition from Finance to Tech at a pivotal point in my career." Read the interview

Vanita NATHWANI (Graduated in 2019).

"I feel more confident in my ability to achieve my professional goals." Read the interview

Leila TAZI (Graduated in 2017).

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To be eligible, applicants must be in one of the following situations: 

  • Hold an undergraduate diploma (see academic criteria) and demonstrate at least three years of professional experience (internships during your studies not included). 
  • Currently prepare or hold a graduate degree and, ideally, some internship experience.

English proficiency is required

More information about eligibility criteria and how to apply.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for the entire program is set at 23 000€. Sciences Po awards scholarships to a select number of outstanding students, in the form of tuition reduction. These tuition reductions range from 10% to 50% and awarded on the basis of merit.

An application form should be sent by admitted students by early June to the Program manager (by using their Sciences Po email address only). Results should be communicated by the end of June.

Find out more on tuition fees.

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