"I feel more confident in my ability to achieve my professional goals"

"I feel more confident in my ability to achieve my professional goals"

Leila Tazi is a student in the one-year Master's programme in Corporate Strategy
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When Leila Tazi enrolled in the one-year Master’s programme in Corporate Strategy last September, she wasn't entirely confident of her ability to easily enter the job market. Only a few months after beginning the programme, she landed an internship with a leading consulting firm. Interview.

What is your educational and professional background?

Before Sciences Po, I completed a Masters in strategy and organisation at Paris Dauphine University while interning in the pharmaceutical industry. This programme enabled me to enhance my analytical and research skills, and I also acquired the capacity to structure my ideas and understand economic and management theories. But I wasn't feeling confident enough to jump straight into the complexities of the professional world. That's why I chose the Master’s programme in Corporate Strategy at Sciences Po.

You started the one-year Master’s programme at Sciences Po a few months ago. What are your impressions of the programme so far?

The first thing that really struck me was the quality of our professors who are for the most part professionals from well-known and successful corporations. Their teaching is based on real-life cases. Studying at Sciences Po also extends and expands our professional networks. The other great point is the people we meet on this Masters programme. I have met some extraordinary classmates who I'm sure will become lifelong friends! Paris is also a really exciting city. There are so many things to do in our free time, from cultural events to delightful social experiences.

What do you expect from this year of study at Sciences Po? Which skills do you need to develop?

I expect to enhance my professional skills to work in the consulting industry. I want to expand my knowledge of corporate finance and develop tools to face major strategic challenges in the business world by acquiring skills in communication, analysis and leadership. I started this programme in September 2016 and I now feel more confident in my ability to achieve my professional goals. This is demonstrated by the fact that I have just started a part-time internship at a leading consulting firm as a result of the Sciences Po network.

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