Winter Spotlight:

Winter Spotlight:

New year, new arrivals
  • Twigs covered in ice, shining with sunlight (credit: Sakss @shutterstock)Twigs covered in ice, shining with sunlight (credit: Sakss @shutterstock)

Along with the new year, we extend our warmest wishes to newcomers who have joined the Department this past January. 

Two permanent faculty members: Claire Montialoux and Clara Santamaria

Claire Montialoux


Claire Montialoux is a labour economist studying how labour market policies and institutions affect wage inequality, in a global and historical perspective.

Claire joins us from the Goldman School of Public Policy of the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley).

Link to her faculty profile



Clara Santamaria


Clara Santamaria is an economist with research interests spanning spatial economics, macro, and labour. Combining structural models with reduced-form evidence, her research focuses on the role of spatial frictions in shaping different dimensions of inequality such as labour income, access to amenities, and gender disparities.

Clara joins us from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Link to her faculty profile


We have three new permanent faculty members this academic year with the arrival of Franz Ostrizek this past Fall.

A visiting faculty member: Antoine Camous

Antoine Camous

Antoine Camous is on leave from the University of Mannheim
where he is an Assistant Professor. He is also a member of the Bonn-Mannheim Center for Collaborative Research (CRC TR 224), funded by DFG (German Research Foundation). His research interests lie mainly in the fields of macroeconomic theory, fiscal-monetary policy and monetary union.

Antoine Camous will be visiting with us for 4 months, as well as teaching a course at the School of Public Affairs.

Link to his website

A postdoctoral research fellow: Eugenio Verrina

Eugenio Verrina


Eugenio Verrina is working with Jeanne Hagenbach on her ERC.

His research focus is on behavioural and experimental economics. He is particularly interested in the role of motivated beliefs, self and social image concerns and norms in economic decisions.

Link to his website


An associated & affiliated faculty member: Lucas Chancel

Lucas Chancel


Lucas Chancel is an economist specialised in inequality and in environmental policy. His work focuses on the measurement of economic inequality, its interactions with sustainable development and on the implementation of social and ecological policies.

Lucas is also affiliated to Sciences Po's Centre for Research on social InequalitieS (CRIS) and is co-director of the World Inequality Lab at the Paris School of Economics (PSE), as well as a senior advisor at the European Tax Observatory.

Link to his website

Welcome: 2023 is looking great !

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