Dean's Welcome

  • Stéphanie Balme, Dean of the College ©Thomas ArriveStéphanie Balme, Dean of the College ©Thomas Arrive

Dear students,

Are you considering coming to one of Sciences Po’s seven campuses for your undergraduate studies? Know that you are embarking on an exciting human and academic adventure.

Our Undergraduate College offers a uniquely interdisciplinary education to train socially engaged and responsible students committed to understanding the most complex issues facing the modern world. Founded on a base of fundamental skills and knowledge, undergraduate studies at Sciences Po require hard work, enthusiasm, curiosity, and intellectual integrity.

Designed to be a programme that on the one hand engages our students - all while asking them to engage with the world – the Undergraduate College proposes an education built upon several important steps. During the three years you will make a number of crucial choices: your choice of a regional specialisation, your choice of civic engagement and how your actions will serve others, your choice of major, and your choice for the third year abroad. We will accompany you at every step; but in the end, your education and collegiate experience will be those which you have chosen for yourself.

We are certain that each of you will not only graduate after three years with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, but that your undergraduate education at Sciences Po will open up wonderful opportunities for further study and growth.

I wish you every success.

Pr. Stéphanie Balme, Dean of the Undergraduate College

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