Marco Maraffi

2018-04 - 2018-06

Visiting Professor of sociology

University of Milan, Department of Social and Political Sciences

Marco Maraffi (PhD in Sociology, University of Edinburgh) is Professor of Sociology at the University of Milan.
He is a founding partner and member of the Scientific Committee of the standing research program Italian National Election Studies (ITANES).
He has been supervising several research projects on public opinion, political culture, and voting behaviour. He is currently working on two main themes: 1) the sources of European youth’s civic and political values and 2) the disintermediation of public opinion from traditional agencies.

Research interests

- Public Opinion
- Political culture and voting behaviour
- Religion and secularization
- Globalization and social change

Visiting projects and objectives

Towards a disintermediated citizenry? The key research question of this project is how and to what extent dis-intermediation processes from traditional gatekeepers in the new digital environment are transforming the formation and transmission of public opinion and the modes of citizens’ participation in the public democratic sphere.

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