PhD Students

legislative speech ; European integration ; critiques of parliamentarism ; text-as-data
Urban governance, urban policies, local governments, comparative politics
Political ecology
Electoral geography and analysis
Sociology of political behaviour
Green parties and social movements
Participatory democracy
Economie politique, ressources naturelles, transformations du capitalisme, droit international
Histoire environnementale, Anthropocène, Démographie, Néomalthusianisme, Économie politique, Inégalités environnementales, Justice climatique
Household financialization, welfare state, financial regulation, Central and Eastern Europe
Political Economy
Public Policy
Comparative Politics
Climate Policy
Transformations of Capitalism
Electric Vehicles
Transnational Studies
Informal economy
Urban inequalities
Value chain
Global apparel
Thrift economy
Politique comparée, Économie politique, Confiance politique, État providence, Politiques sociales
Political Economy, comparative politics, political discontent, trust in institutions, European integration, spatial inequality
Sociologie de la quantification ; Sociologie de l’action publique ; Etudes de la gouvernance urbaine ; Sociologie de l’administration
Conflcts of use
Security issues
France-UK comparison
Sociology of the State; sociology of public action; policy instruments; experts and expertise; work and the professions; comparative historical sociology
Asylum and immigration policy
State care programmes
Street-level bureaucrats
Social work
Mobility and accessibility
Residential arbitrages
Political Economy
Epistemology of Social Sciences
Mixed Methods Research
Economic sociology
Political economy
Historical sociology
Central banks
CFA Franc
Neoliberalism, comparative political economy, welfare states and social policies, epistemology of social sciences
Sociologie des mouvements sociaux, théorie politique, écologie politique, articulations entre contestation et délibération.
Histoire des idées politiques, Ecologie politique, Anarchisme, Ressources naturelles, Histoire environnementale, Socio-histoire des mouvements sociaux environnementalistes.
Transitional and restorative justice
Truth and memory
Memory policies
Victims and victims' rights
Victims mobilisation
Reconciliation process
Parties and Party Systems
French Right
The production of ideological discourse and its actors
Relationships between Partisan and Non-Partisan Actors
Climate politics
Legislative politics
Party politics
Quantitative and computational methods
Social protection, comparative politics, international migration, political participation, political representation, integration policies for immigrant-origin minorities, party competition
European Political Economy
International Political Economy
European Integration
Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Central and Eastern Europe
Ecologie politique; histoire environnementale; planification ; crise démocratique; articulation Etat/marché; nouvelles formes de capitalisme
Electoral participation; electoral preferences; generations; European Parliament election; political socialization; dealignment; realignment
Ruralités, évaluation des politiques publiques, politisation, sociologie de la réception, économie sociale et solidaire
Political history, political economy and the politics of central banking
Victims and justice
Criminal justice policies
The politics of trauma
Emotions and justice
Victim mobilisation
Compensation schemes
Sociology of law
Sociology of emotions
média, politiques publique, deservingness perceptions, politique comparée
comparative politics , party competition, party positioning, populist radical right parties, quantitative methods, text-as-data, webscraping
Politiques comparées, migrations internationales, réfugiées et demandeurs d’asile, gouvernance multi-niveaux et décentralisation, intégration locale/regionale des migrants
Environmental Policy
Comparative politics
Political geography
Political sociology
Climate policies
Individual perceptions
Territorial cleavages
Just transition
Environmental movements, environmental governance, relationships between the State and social movements, civil disobedience, repertoires of action, media and framing processes, comparative politics, France/UK, quantitative and qualitative methods.
communautés énergétiques ; politiques énergétiques européennes ; action publique ; action collective ; fabrique de la ville durable; justice environnementale ; participation politique.
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