Research Team

Political economy of social democracy ; political history of neoliberalism ; transnational history ; histories of prediction in the global field
Cultural theory of law, Historical anthropology of western law, Legal norms, cultural norms, Lawyers: history, culture, perspectives
Legal history ; Sociology of law
Environmental and Climate Governance, EU-China Relations, Institutions and Public Policy
Political Economy ; Public Policy ; Legislative Studies
Administrative Reform Policy and State Reform ; Administrative Reform Policy and State Reform ; Transformations of Bureaucracy in Comparative Perspective ; Sociology of Administration ; Public Policy Analysis ; Organizational Changes and State Rationalization ; Public Finance
Digital sociology and sociology of the digital world ; attention economy, social media ; propagation and influence ; digital city, sociopolitical stakes of digital architectures ; social sciences and Machine Learning ; digital methods, digital replications 3rd generation social sciences
Sociology of public action, European governance
History and philosophy of social sciences, Systems of thought and supervision of the natural environment, Place of ecology in the democratisation process, Political crises and ecological crises,
Urban sociology - Forms and institutions of sociability - Sociology of elites, upper-middle classes and inequalities - Cultural sociology - International comparison - Europe and Americas
Large urban projects in comparative perspective, Urban agenda and European Union, Migrants and metropolises, Urban policies in the crisis
Environmental politics, climate change, social movements, political participation
Constitutional law ; Public decision and political decision ; Political institutions ; European Union
Political parties ; Political cultures ; Political anthropology ; Ecology and environment ; Activism ;
Governance, Illegal Value Chains, Crime in Urban Peripheries, Power, Violence and Normative Regimes
Political conflict ; Political parties ; Political participation and social movements ; Digital media ; Right-wing extremism, radicalism and populism
Comparative sociology of elites; The method of “programmatic action framework” (PAF); Transformation of state elites: The role of custodians of policy; The government of insiders; Development of antielitism in France, UK and US (20th & 21th century)
Political institutions ; Political economy ; Comparative politics ; European integration ; Interest Groups ;
political competition, electoral programs, electoral promises, public action, public opinion, European integration, representation
European integration ; Migration ; Transnational mobilization ; Multiculturalism ; Inequality and discrimination
Political parties and the party system; the transformation of the parties of the right; socialisation, political talk participation; citizens’ attitudes to Europe; focus groups.
Public action, Urban sociology, Public policies, Social movements, European Union
European integration ; Globalization
Sociology of law ; Public action ; Corruption ; Environment
Histoire et sociologie du communisme ; Histoire et sociologie de la mémoire ; Usages politiques du passé, rapports ordinaires au passé ; Socialisation politique ; MIcro-analyse, méthodes qualitatives ; Histoire des sciences sociales
Public action ; European Union ; Local policy ; Urban sociology ; Public policies
Public administration ; Sociology of public action ; Political sociology
International criminal justice ; Transitional justice ; Restorative justice ; Trials ; Victims of political violence ; Peacebuiding ; Collective memory ; Circulation of norms and expertise ; Sociology of international professions ; Transnational mobilizations
Economic policies, public investment policies, sociology of the state and its transformations, social and health policies, Sociology of expertise
Sociology of political behavior ; Racism and antisemitism ; Inequality and democracy ; Radical rights
Comparative politics ; Comparative political behaviour and political organisations ; The politics of immigration
Socio-fiscal policies ; Childcare and ederly care policies ; Social investment policies ; Political economy of domestic work
Welfare system ; Public policies ; European Union
Political competition in Europe ; Ideological conflict lines in Europe
Political institutions ; parliaments and legislators ; Europeanization ; Sociology of legislators
Political economy of financial regulation in Europe ; The power of ideas on the development of financial regulation ; Financialization
Political economy, comparative politics, political inequality, dynasties, elections, lotteries, political careers
criminal governance; sociology of organized crime; economic sociology; social theory; theory of the state; methodologies
Structural contexts of integration opportunities ; Border control ; Tensions between endogenous and exogenous mechanisms of urban change ; Dissemination and legitimization mechanisms of racism ; The voluntary sector lobbying and political influence on large metropolis governments ; Roma and Sinti in European cities
European political economy ; Financial regulation ; Lobbying and interest groups
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