Francesca Caterina Bragaglia

2020-02 - 2020-03

Visiting PhD Candidate in Urban and Regional Development (MSc in Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning)

Politecnico di Torino, Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (DIST)

Francesca Caterina Bragaglia is a PhD candidate in Urban and Regional Development at the Politecnico di Torino, where she also works as a teaching assistant. The research topics she deals with are linked to new forms of management and creation of space between citizens and administrations through shared urban governance tools.

For her research activity, she has received important awards such as the scholarship of the Caligara Foundation per l'Alta Formazione Interdisciplinare and the prize of the Associazione Consiglieri Emeriti of the city of Turin.

Research interests

Social innovation, urban governance, urban co-production, Conseils Citoyens

Research project pursued at the CEE

Her research project « Ruling the unruled ? The institutionalisation of social innovation in spatial planning » focuses on the topic of social innovation and how it can be promoted - or restricted - by new tools of shared urban governance.  In this regard, the case studies of the research will be the Neighbourghood Plans in England, a new set of guidelines for citizens’ collaboration in spatial planning developed in Berlin and the Conseils Citoyens in France.

During her stay at the CEE, Francesca Caterina Bragalia plans to study in the field the experience of the ‘Conseils Citoyens and their results five years after their establishment by the ‘Loi de programmation pour la ville et la cohésion urbaine’ of 2014.

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