Bjørn Erik Rasch


Visiting Professor of political science

University of Oslo, Department of Political Science

Bjørn Erik Rasch is Professor of Political Science at the University of Oslo. His research is currently focused on legislative organization, parliamentarism, and constitutional amendment procedures. He has written or edited thirteen books, of which The Role of Governments in Legislative Agenda Setting (co-edited with Tsebelis, Routledge 2011), Parliaments and Government Formation (co-edited with Cheibub and Martin; Oxford University Press 2015) and Constituent Assemblies (co-edited with Elster, Gargarella and Naresh; Cambridge University Press, May 2018) is the three latest ones. He has published numerous articles in books and journals such as Public Choice, Legislative Studies Quarterly, West European Politics, Journal of Legislative Studies, and European Journal of Political Economy. Bjørn Erik Rasch was member of a Constitutional Commission appointed by the Norwegian Parliament in 2003 to review and modernize the Norwegian Court of Impeachment, and a committee who designed a new electoral system for the Sami Parliament in Northern Norway. He is directing (principal investigator) the research project “The Evolution of Parliamentarism and Its Political Consequences,” funded by the Norwegian Research Council 2013-2018. Bjørn Erik Rasch is member of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

Research interests

Parliaments; parliamentary government; electoral systems and parliamentary voting procedures; strategic voting

Visiting projects and objectives

Bjørn Erik Rasch will work with Olivier Rozenberg, Associate Professor at Sciences Po/CEE on aspects of long-term trends in parliamentary institutions and behavior.

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