Users' comments

The library during and after confinement.

To better understand the uses and needs of our users since March 2020 and the disruptions caused by the lockdowns, closures and partial reopenings, a survey was published online on two occasions.

It collected 1102 responses in June, 1820 in December.

Through these responses collected in 2020, the library is :

  • A special atmosphere (calm, surrounded by books...) ;
  • An ideal setting for working, concentrating and motivating oneself. It is the equivalent of the "office", a structuring framework for good quality work;
  • Indispensable for the success of one's studies or the exam one is preparing for;
  • A place of reassertion when the outside world becomes uncertain, when courses go online, etc.
  • Support and training services that are often unknown, but appreciated by those who have used them;
  • The possibility of making new finds (serendipity) in the open access collections;
  • An exceptional printed collection for researchers and teachers for whom the loan is an indispensable service;
  • 79.4% of respondents  have used the library's online resources, ranking them very high among possible sources of documentation.

To see what our users told us: "The library during and after confinement" (FR).

Updated on 28/04/2021

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