Our surveys, studies and observations conducted by The Marketing Department of the library on your practices and expectations.

Survey on the use of image : faculty

77% of Sciences Po teachers believe that images are necessary to ensure their teaching and 44% create their own and specific visuals for their courses.
All disciplines use all types of images. The survey carried out by the Direction des Ressources et de l'Information scientifique and the Direction des Etudes et de l'Innovation Pédagogique allows to know the current pedagogical uses of the image at Sciences Po. It describes the range of services offered by the library as well as its projects.

Survey on the use of non-circulating library material

The Sciences Po library has been conducting surveys on the use of non-circulating library material since 2007. Over the course of a week, we analyze all the books consulted by users in the library’s reading rooms. This analysis allows us to have a better understanding of the material being consulted and, over time, to observe changes in the use of material in the reading rooms, in support (or not) of work done on library premises.

2015 Spire Survey

Survey on the practices, needs and perceptions of Sciences Po researchers with regards to how scholars publish their work on the Open Access and institutional repository known as Spire.


2017 Survey : Loans

Flash survey on the uses of the loan (duration, number of items...) for the students of Paris campus.

2013 Survey : Research Library

The Sciences Po Research Library survey, which took place from February 4 to 22, 2013, received 258 responses (24% response rate).

2011 Survey : users practices and uses

Library survey on users practices and uses, April 7-29 2011
2,371 responses (including 362 on the English form), 15% of which were by mail and 21% active users, 85% Sciences Po users and 15% external users

2010 Survey : students and external users

Opening hours, facilities, construction, accessibility: the Sciences Po Library is always on the move!
Many of the improvements we have made to our services have been inspired by your comments and responses to our surveys.
1,453 students and 222 external users responded to the library’s latest questionnaire, which was available online from March 23 to April 23.

2010 Survey : faculty and researchers

How do you currently use the library? What expectations do you have for the future?
410 faculty and researchers took the online survey from January 25 to March 29.

2008 Survey : practices and expectations of library users

In January 2008, 2,200 people, 21% of whom were active users, took our online survey on library use.

Updated on 09/11/2018

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